The Venue for your Wedding in Sorrento

The Venue for your Wedding in Sorrento

Sorrento Landscape

Get married in the beautiful Sorrento

Honored and celebrated by artists from all over the world, Sorrento has been a source of inspiration for poets, musicians and writers.  The city of the Italian poet Tasso fascinates whoever visits it, for the beauty of its landscapes, but also thanks to the friendliness of its inhabitants, accustomed to interacting with people from a variety of different cultures.

In choosing Hotel Cristina to get married in Sorrento, you will be able to take your time in visiting Sorrento, discovering its secrets and distinctiveness that have made it famous and so acclaimed.

view on sorrentoEnjoying Sorrento is easy, just take a walk along its streets to appreciate the different high-fashion boutiques, while – going down its side streets – you will encounter the numerous shops in which the items are distinguished in quality, typical of Sorrentine craftsmanship.

Sorrento is also an important place for whoever loves history and art.  The various churches represent a notable cross section of the town’s history, just like the Convent of Saint Francis, or the main cathedral, built in 400, that hosted a striking wooden crucifix made by an unknown sculptor.

Fantastic places, dreamy panoramas and much culture, but the city of the Sirens is also intensely blue waters.  In the “Marina Piccola,” the small port, area, just a short distance further, many beach resorts let you enjoy the sea and the sun.

view on vesuvio and naplesIn typical Campanian tradition, Sorrento does not lack good food.  Here, food and wine are the backbone of tourism and numerous restaurants let you admire the diverse tastes of the Mediterranean.  The city of Tasso is a place where luxury and tradition live together and this also noted in the food. Whoever prefers dinner in a chic locale or, instead, opts for some good homemade cooking, Sorrento is able to satisfy every palate.

Hotel Cristina is the ideal occasion to find the perfect venue for your wedding and, at the same time, appreciate the beauty of fabulous places, where time slows down to give you a way to best enjoy your special Sorrentine days.