The Venue for your Wedding in Sorrento

The Venue for your Wedding in Sorrento

Paccheri with Amberjack

Grand buffet of appetizers, paccheri with amberjack ragout

Grand buffet of appetizers: mixed canapés, typical Italian fried foods, pies and country-style pizzas, sliced cured meats, selection of fresh and aged cheeses, grilled vegetables, salmon and marinated swordfish, swordfish and vegetable rolls, lemon shrimp

Risotto with asparagus tips, orange and crumbled walnut

Gragnanese mezzi paccheri with amberjack ragout, Pendolo cherry tomatoes, and fennel-infused olive oil

Beef Wellington
Potato croquettes

Pan-cooked mushrooms in oil, garlic and parsley
Small garden peas, French style

Seasonally fresh fruit slice platter

Wedding cake
Small house pastries
Coffee and liqueurs

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